Frozen Bakery Goods

Frozen baked goods are the perfect solution for when you need to whip up a cake in a hurry, but no time to go and shop for one. Keeping one of our amazing frozen cakes in your freezer will make for a great surprise. There is more, with the amazing variety of other frozen bakery goods for you to choose from, with pastries, crepes and other goodies for your table.

Empire Bakery has a full automated set up for mass production of laminated dough products, Danish dough products, and sweet dough. As a manufacture we have ability to meet all customer needs. We can manufacture according to your specifications following instruction of size, ingredients and packaging.

All you need to do is heat them up or let thaw and serve to your delighted guests!



Turnovers – Our traditional European cherry and apple turnovers are a classic individual treat, freshly baked and crispy. They are 3oz each and there are 96 pieces in a box.


Braided Strudel

French braided apple strudel – A light and crispy favorite to be shared with your loved ones. They are 400g each and there are 30 pieces per box.


Fruit Sticks

Fruit sticks – Individual and freshly baked crispy fruit sticks for people on the go. They are 3oz each and there is 120 pieces in a box.

Puff pastry dough



Square – 2 sizes 4” x 4” and 144 pieces per box and 5” x 5”, 150 pieces per box.



Roll – Conveniently retail packaged with non-stick sheet. 850g per piece and 18 pieces per box.

sheetSheet – Kitchen size 10” x 15”. 1lb per piece and 30 pieces per box.

Our European Baked Goods and Frozen Baked goods are our specialty.

Our European Baked Goods and Frozen Baked goods are our specialty.

Made with Love. Made For you.