Baked Goods

Everyone`s dinner tables, celebrations, weddings or anniversaries, aren`t the same without beautiful, delightful, fragrant baked goods. Our variety of baked delicacies is legendary. Customers love to bring our baked goods home to serve, just as it was made in their own kitchen.

We use European recipes for our famous traditional strudels, danish, horseshoes and buns that are a knockout combination. They are all packaged conveniently for store display and customer satisfaction. We supply a variety of major grocery markets across Canada and some parts of the U.S. with baked delicacies that leave customers delighted and wishing for more.

Baked Goods Description



Strudels – This baked masterpiece is hand made with our superior Danish dough. The delightful goodies come in a variety of flavours, most popular of which are Poppy Seed, Cheese and Fruit. There are also the Cheese and Poppy filled strudels, Cherry, Apple and Fruit Filled Strudels for you to choose from. A single strudel can easily serve 5 people.


Poppy Seed Buns

Poppy Seed Buns – These delicious treats are made of silky fragrant dough, loaded with poppy butter, every bite filled with a joy of flavour. Each bun is perfectly shaped and baked to perfection, sprinkled with even more poppy seeds on top. They come in two sizes; Individual buns or Mini Buns, to suit your specific party’s arrangements.

Cheese Raisin Buns – Filled with delicious sweet cream-cheese and raisins, these delightful delicacies are no less than spectacular. The buns are baked in just the right temperature to melt the cheese inside, leaving it deliciously flavourful. Choose from one of two sizes, Individual buns or Mini Buns, and enjoy!

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Horseshoe – This European danish dough delight comes in a variety of flavours. Cheese & Raisin, Poppy seed, Poppy seed & nuts. It`s great for your next gathering of family or friends.

Danish Rings – Our Danish treats are a superior Danish dough filled with the tantalizing combination of sweet cheese and fruit filling. Choose from Cheese Cherry and Cheese Blueberry fillings to suit your taste.

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Mini Crowns

Mini Crowns  – Conveniently packaged for families on the go. With a variety of flavours such as apple, coconut, cheese and poppy seed, they will surely be a hit.

And much more! Give us a call today to learn more about the products, prices and delivery.